Do you want to try my new tiny script?
Just write here your blog’s url, click the button and watch the surprise.

And now, let me explain it.
Some weeks ago I was discussing with another engineer about NLP, and the importance of having some language knowledge to effectively process a text. He wanted to do some stuff with pure text, written in an unknown language. I suggested that you can do more and better things if some human expert helps you, but he told me he couldn’t pay an expert. In that case, I pointed out that you can use some kind of statistic approach, like registering the appearance of every single word, or the relation between a word and the previous and next ones. But those methods are just randomly, almost like monkeys playing with the words

This evening I’ve created a PHP script that reads your blog (actually only the words within paragraphs) and generates new text using some statistic (the data used can be seen at the end of the page source). It seems real, it might have sense… but it’s just random. Monkeys rulez!