Monthly archives: March, 2009

Sixth Sense

In my previous work I enjoyed when some coworkers tried “visual things” using a webcamera and a soft to recognize hands, fingers and such. This morning I saw a video with the last research on the field… impressive:

Link to the video

Which technology will win in the input world? Cameras or multi-touch screens?

Feeling as a senior programmer

Here it is a morning conversation with my new Hindi junior coworker. He is in New Delhi, working for us remotely, and I’m teaching him quite a lot of things, and love to discuss about programming problems…

Me – have you read about Composite Pattern?
He – i use to say to my friends that am good at programming, then I found you :(
Me – hahaha
He – right now reading Pragmatic Programmer, :)
Me – really? really good
He – planning to apply for zend certification so I’ve so much to study
Me – This book changed the way I think about programming