Monthly archives: January, 2007

Problem: When a day is not a normal day

Monday morning. I’ve just arrived at the office, and I see my first task to do: fix a bug in a calendar from one of our websites. Actually there are 2 calendars, and one calculation to show the difference in days between the two dates. Somebody discovered a weird behaviour when you select a range of days in the end of March… the difference of days is not an integer number, but a float one!

I isolated the problem, shortening the range of days, until I discovered that the problem is in the last weekend of March. From Friday 23rd to Monday 26th of March, there are 2.95 days (instead of just 3 days). What’s happening that weekend? Why is the last weekend of March somehow weird? Any idea?

If you want to know the solution, see the first comment of this post. Tip: I use a PHP function to convert the dates into integer timestamps (seconds), I substract these integers, and finally I divide by 3600*24, to know the difference in days.

Finishing interesting webs

In the first part of January I have been closing some projects:

In my current job I’m working in the new website of Buff, a catalan company which sells headwear. We have been publishing modules of this website for 2 months. And now it’s almost finished. One of the most interesting pages it has is the catalog section. It was like a scroll-research for me. I started programming a lot of different methods of scrolling in Javascript, and later I was watching people using the page (like an UI test or usability session), discovering the most natural way to let the user navigate thru the images. Finally I cut out the unuseful methods, leaving a fluid page.

In my spare time, since the last summer, I’ve been working on the new website of the Spanish Go Association. It’s nothing special what the public can see. But there is a CMS made with AJAX that allow the administrator to click and directly edit (“edit in place”). It was funny to discover the surprise of the people in the association comittee: “it’s deadly easy”, “great job”, “it’s going to help our work a lot”, etc :-) Anyway I have to refinish some details of the public website. When you are a perfectionist you cannot stop improving your creations, what a problem!